General Information

The Republic of Botswana is a sparsely populated country with a relatively small population. Botswana is a peaceful country located in Southern Africa and is completely landlocked. The country boasts a vast variety of wildlife and habitats from the Okavango Delta to the Kalahari Desert areas.

Weather & Climate

Summer in Botswana is from November to March. The temperatures during the day vary from 30C° to 36C° sometimes higher and at night the temperature is usually approximately 18C° to 20C°. Spring is from September to October. The day time temperatures are much the same as summer, however the evenings can range from approximately 14C° to 18C°. October can often be the hottest month with day time temperatures sometimes reaching high thirties to 40C°. The winter months are June, July and August. The temperatures are warm in the day usually ranging from 20C° to 25C° and cold at night sometimes dropping below freezing.

Health & Vaccinations

Tholo Safaris is located in a non-malaria area. However, if you are traveling to other parts of Botswana or Africa these may be malaria areas. Please consult a health care professional to get sound advice for your travels.

Have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate if you are traveling from areas infected with Yellow Fever. No other vaccinations are required when traveling to Botswana. Please consult your doctor for sound professional advice if you wish.


Power supply at Tholo Safaris is 220/240 Volt. Most outlets are round 2 or 3 pole 15 amp plugs. We recommend you come prepared with the correct adapters or converters.

Luggage Restrictions

International flights 20kg (44lbs). Domestic flights 20kg (44lbs).

Charter flights 12kg (26lbs) normally soft duffle bag type luggage is suggested. However, different charter companies have different rules regarding baggage.

It is best to find out what the specifications are from the charter company you use, if you use one.


Please consult your travel agent regarding visa requirements and/or check on the Botswana Embassy website for more information well in advance.


Botswana's currency is the Pula (BWP). Pula means "rain". When traveling, be sure to have cash in a variety of bill sizes as sometimes getting change can be a problem at some places. We at Tholo Safaris accept USD, but many places such as shops and the airport may not.

Tipping/Staff Gratuities

At Tholo Safaris we recommend tipping your Professional Hunter, Trackers and Camp Staff at the end of your safari. Tipping is customary in Botswana. Ask the Camp Manager or Professional Hunters for recommendations if you wish.

Suggestions on what to bring on safari:

Getting to Tholo Camp

The best port of entry is Maun International Airport, Botswana from Maun one is either transported by vehicle to Tholo Camp (about a 3 hour drive) or one can charter a small aircraft to Tholo Airstrip (we can get a quote for this for you if you are interested as all charters are operated by charter companies out of Maun, Botswana).

The other option is flying to Windhoek, Namibia from Windhoek one can be transported by vehicle to Tholo Camp. This is about a 6 hour drive and includes a border crossing before entering Botswana.

For transfer rates and charter rates contact Tholo Safaris for more information.