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Rifle & Bow Hunting

At Tholo Safaris we offer our guest excellent service in a relaxed, but attentive manner. We aim to provide all our guests with an unforgettable experience. Tholo Safaris is committed to ethical sustainable hunting and ensuring that all our guests have a successful safari.

Daily Rates for Plains Game Hunts

$ 425 per day for one hunter & one guide
$ 325 per day, per person for two hunters & one guide
$200 per day for each observer accompanying hunter (non-hunter)
$ 100 per day for each cameraman

Length of stay is your choice. However, dates are subject to availability.

Trophy Fees

Blue Wildebeest   $500      
Caracal   $1,300      
Duiker   $350      
Eland   $1,500      
Gemsbok / Oryx   $1,000      
Genet   $300      
Hartebeest   $900      
Impala   $400      
Jackal   $150      
Kudu   $1,400      
Ostrich   $500      
Porcupine   $250      
Steinbok   $300      
Springbuck   $450      
Springhare   $250      
Warthog   $450      
Waterbuck   $1,600      
Wildcat   $350      
Zebra   $1,050      
Birds   *$300      
    *per week per person      
If available:          
Black Wildebeest   $1,500      
Giraffe   $4,750      
Sable   $8,000      

* Tholo Safaris has the right to remove an animal without notice from the trophy list or limit the hunting of a species if it is in the species best interest for the species populations at Tholo Safaris.

* Wounded animals must be paid for in full, the professional hunter determines if an animal has been wounded.

Plains Game Package

7 day- 2 hunter x 1 guide Plains Game Package $ 5,900 each
This package includes daily rate and trophy fees for:
1 Gemsbok, 1 Kudu, 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Eland, 1 Impala & 1 Jackal for each hunter.

7 day- 1 hunter x 1 guide Plains Game Package $ 6,900
This package includes daily rate and trophy fees for:
1 Gemsbok, 1 Kudu, 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Eland, 1 Impala & 1 Jackal for each hunter. Additional animals can be shot for trophy fees.

* Please note prices/rates are subject to change.
* 12% VAT on daily rate portion.
* No refund on animals not taken on package hunts
* No swapping animals/substituting

2019 Rates

Please contact us directly for our 2019 Rates @

Botswana & Namibia Package

Enjoy hunting in Botswana and Namibia on one trip, for each locations top plains game species in one package deal!

Bow Hunting Information

At Tholo Safaris we offer walk and stalk bow hunting. Tholo Safaris also offers strategically placed blinds for bow hunters all over the property. Bow hunting is very successful at Tholo and growing in popularity. We recommend that all bow hunters come well prepared, with accessories and spares that they may need, as Botswana does not offer much in regards to bow hunting supplies.

Rifle Hunting Information

As traveling with a gun can sometimes be a bit tedious depending on where you are traveling from or to on your trip we offer all our clients the option of using our rifles on their safari with us. (Please contact us for a list of our rifles.) We charge per round of ammunition used.

Should you wish to bring your own firearm on safari please take note of the following Gun Information:
A maximum of three firearms are allowed: either two shotguns and one rifle /or/ two rifles and one shotgun. VAT is charged on ammunition upon entry into Botswana. A maximum of 100 rounds per firearm is allowed.

Very important:
When traveling with firearms and ammunition you are required to pack them separately in lockable cases (not allowed to be together in one case).

In Botswana it usually takes up to three weeks or longer to obtain a firearm permit from the time a request for one is submitted. Therefore if a guest would like to bring his/her own firearm it is important to organize this well in advance.

In order to obtain a Temporary Import/Export Permit we will need the following for each Firearm:

We will fill out the application for temporary import permit, submit it and obtain the permit on your behalf in Botswana.

*Please note the above information/requirements are subject to change without notice. Please ensure you find out about the firearm regulations for your travels as each country and airlines rules are different.

Included in daily rate/packages:

Meeting on arrival in Maun Airport or Windhoek Airport
Full services of Professional Hunter
Full camp & staff services
Full 3 star accommodations & amenities
All meals & local beverages
Daily laundry service in camp
Daily housekeeping service

Not included in daily rate/packages:

Trophy Fees/Additional Trophy Fees for Packages
Dipping & packing will be quoted by shipper. The shipper / taxidermist will meet with the clients after the safari if required.
Air freight of trophies to final destination
Botswana Gun import permits
($150 per gun)
Shotgun ammunition 12g & 20g
Hotel & travel costs before & after the safari
Extra activities & trips such as san cultural activities
Air charters to camps & back.
Road transport to camp from Maun, Botswana
Road transport to camp from Windhoek, Namibia
12% Botswana government VAT (currently)
Specially requested imported alcoholic beverages
Photographer / Videographer services