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General Information

The Republic of Botswana is a sparsely populated country with a relatively small population. Botswana is a peaceful country located in Southern Africa and is completely landlocked. The country boasts a vast variety of wildlife and habitats from the Okavango Delta to the Kalahari Desert areas.

Weather and Climate

Summer in Botswana is from November to March. There is always a possibility of rain in the summer, especially in December, January and February. It can get cold when it rains. The summer temperatures during the day vary from 30C°/86F° to 38C°/100.4F° sometimes higher and at night the temperature is usually approximately 18C°/64.4F° to 20C°/68F° in summer.  Spring is from September to October. The day time temperatures are much the same as summer. However the evenings can range from approximately 14C°/57.2F° to 18C°/64.4F°. The fall/winter months are May, June, July and August. The temperatures are warm in the day usually ranging from 20C°/68F° to 25C°/77F° and cold at night sometimes dropping below freezing. The dry season is generally March to October.

Health & Vaccinations

Tholo Safaris is located in a what is considered a non-malaria area (low risk malaria area). However, if you are traveling to other parts of Botswana or Africa these may be malaria areas. Please consult a health care professional to get sound advice before you travel. Have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate if you are traveling from areas infected with Yellow Fever. Sometimes a tetanus vaccination maybe recommended. Please consult your doctor for sound professional advice

Electricity at Tholo

Power supply at Tholo Safaris Camp is 220/240 Volt. Most outlets are round 2 or 3 pole 15 amp plugs, Type M sockets. We recommend you come prepared with the correct adapters or converters to charge your equipment/cameras/cellphones.

Visas/ Passports

Please consult your travel agent regarding visa requirements and/or check on the Botswana Embassy website for more information well in advance. USA, Canada & UK do not need visas for Botswana.


Botswana’s currency is the Pula (BWP). Pula means “rain”. When traveling, be sure to have cash in a variety of bill sizes as sometimes getting change can be a problem at some places. We at Tholo Safaris accept USD, but many places such as shops and the airport may not. However, shops and restaurants at the Maun airport normally accept visa or master cards.

Suggestions on what to bring on safari

    • Sunscreen, a hat or cap and sunglasses
    • Buff or face mask (wind/sun protection) and/ or beanie
    • A good pair of Binoculars and a Range finder if bow hunting
    • A flashlight or a headlamp
    • Good ear protection accessories (if rifle hunting)
    • Comfortable hiking/walking boots or trainers (terrain varies from sandy to rocky areas)
    • A warm outdoor sports/hunting jacket (cold on back of vehicle- wind resistant jacket needed)
    • Comfortable outdoor t-shirts or shirts
    • Dressing in layers is the best way to handle the temperature changes throughout the day
    • Outdoor hiking shorts (please note the Kalahari has many thorn bushes)
    • Long comfortable hunting/hiking pants (May/June/July/August can get cold)
    • A sweater or jersey
    • Casual comfortable clothes and shoes for relaxing in the evenings and travel days
    • Khaki, olive green, stone, browns or natural bush colours are advised to be best
    • Camouflage clothing is allowed on Tholo Safaris property and in Botswana
    • Personal toiletries, personal medications and basic personal first aid items

Kindly contact Kim at tholosafaris.info@gmail.com for the full information sheet and if you have any questions.